Tips from us locals

What can we do in (and around) Örnsköldsvik?

Alberts Café in Brynge

Visit the Brynge cultural area and Alberts cozy summer café. There is also a crafts shop, second-hand store, and art gallery in an old power station. Brynge is located about 20 minutes from Örnsköldsvik. Check opening hours and events on the website.

Mjälagårds Flea Market

A 700 square meter flea market with everything from antique finds to modern items. The flea market is located in the countryside in Mjäla, about 20 minutes from Övik center - Perfect to combine with a trip to Brynge. 


Ögeltjärn Nature Reserve is located south of Gullvik's seaside resort, approximately 14 km outside Örnsköldsvik. From the E4 roundabout at the southern entrance to Örnsköldsvik, you can follow the road signs to Gullvik's seaside resort. Parking is available at Gullvik's seaside resort. The path up to Ögeltjärn is very easy to walk, while the trail to the top requires a bit more effort but is well worth it due to the beautiful view over Övik's archipelago. The walk to the top takes about 20-25 minutes.


Ulvön was once the largest fishing village in Norrland, and today many well-preserved boathouses remain, as well as a hotel and several restaurants. A favorite is the 'skärgårdsbuffén' served during the summers at Ulvö Hotel. Another fantastic restaurant on Ulvön is Bistro Ruben. There are several ferries to Ulvön, including the ferry from Köpmanholmen (about 20 min from Örnsköldsvik to Köpmanholmen by car). If you want to know more about the departure times for the ferries - click on the button below.


If you prefer to visit the archipelago and fishing villages by car, you can go to the beautiful Norrfällsviken, which is about 1 hour from Övik center. Here, you can stroll along the cozy 'streets' by the boathouses, visit a restaurant/café, go to a flea market, swim in the sea (there is also a pool, don't know if it is open to the public), play golf, etc.

A visit to Friluftsbyn

Friluftsbyn is located in the heart of the High Coast (about 25 minutes from Övik) and here you will find, among other things, a restaurant, café, a lake where you can swim, and a hiking trail up to the top of Skuleberget (there is also the possibility to take a cable railway to the top). During the summer, 'Burger & Beer' evenings are organized with good food, drinks, and troubadours in their courtyard. Read more about what you can do and dates for events on their website.

The Top Cabin at Skuleberget

For those who enjoy hiking, a tip is to take a day trip to Friluftsbyn and hike up to the top of Skuleberget. It takes about 1-1.5 hours depending on your pace. You can also take the cable railway up and/or down to the top. At the top, there is the Top Cabin which serves food, drinks, and snacks. They also have a bar with full service. On a clear day, the view from the top is magical!

Malins Bistro

Cozy little restaurant offering tapas, beer, wine, and sangria. During the summer, there is also a small outdoor seating area. At Malin's, there is a relaxed atmosphere with a personal touch.

P.S. Dogs are welcome.

Linnéa & Peter

Probably Övik's most famous restaurant because of the master chef Linneá who made it to the final of the competition 'Kockarnas kamp' on TV4. Linnea & Peter is a cool restaurant and food bar with the city's best chefs and staff, according to us! (Please note! Closed for the summer from midsummer, but on July 25th, their smaller restaurant Jacks Bodega opens, which is also one of our favorites).

Grab an ice cream in town!

If it's sunny, it's always lovely to take a walk down to town and buy ice cream. Closest (about a 10-minute walk) you'll find Villakiosken, which has a wide selection of ice cream, a large outdoor seating area, a skatepark, and mini golf. During the summer, an ice cream kiosk also opens in Övik's harbor. In the harbor, you'll also find several restaurants with outdoor seating.


Strandkaj Kitchen & Bar is one of the city's most popular restaurants and is located down by the harbor. During the summer, their large enclosed outdoor seating area is open, and in the restaurant, there is a nice cocktail bar. Feel free to check out their menu on their website, and on their Instagram (strandkajkokbar), they provide information about upcoming events.

Balesudden Nature Reserve

Balesudden Nature Reserve is pleasant for both swimming and hiking - perfect for a day trip. Here you'll find deep forests, a small pond with crystal clear water, high viewpoint mountains, and sheltered bays. The 130-kilometer-long High Coast Trail passes through the nature reserve. The hike can be started at Sandlågan, which is about a 25-minute drive from Övik center, where parking is available.


It's worth taking a 25-minute drive to get to one of Övik's finest beaches. Pack a lovely picnic, a beach blanket, and a good book, and you can spend the whole day at Ottelandet.

Rättargården in Moliden

In Moliden, about 20 minutes from Övik center, you'll find Rättargården. Here, a garden café and flea market open during the summer. A cozy excursion for those who want to venture out into the countryside and enjoy homemade pastries.